Beard me up Scotty!

I spend quite some time thinking about the topic of my first blogpost. And then I thought “What the fuck! Why don’t I start with the most essential question?”. So I came to the conclusion that my first post should headline “Beard me up Scotty!”, or for the non Trekkis reading this “Why do I have a beard?”. The answer is pretty simple – “Because I can!”.😅 But there´s of course a bit more to it than just that.

I am definitely not too lazy when it comes to shaving. And for sure I am not broke enough to afford no razors. I simply enjoy stroking, oiling and looking at my facial hair.


Sometimes I get asked “Do you feel more manly having a beard?” and the answer is “Yes!”, I absolutely do. Not only because certain Facebook memes try to suggest shaved men are pussies (they definitely aren’t), more because I am a big fan of beards myself and other bearded men are certainly more respected due to the power of their beards. In addition, you suddenly have crazy abilities like chopping wood with an axe, one-handed, half naked, in the forests, at -30° degrees, all by yourself!

Besides that there is also a very important thing that flatters yours ego… you are an eye catcher. For women and man alike. When I walk into a bar and see a bearded men, I know I am at the right Place and all over sudden I found a new friend.


But also, it´s about compliments. As I wouldn’t consider myself as a person who wants to be in the spotlight (at least not 24/7), we have to be real! Women in general are receiving a load of compliments because of their beautiful eyes, their smile, their body or their god givin´ sexiness. I never experienced that to be honest. Well, maybe here and there, but I have never been the guy women felt attracted to a lot. But with a beard? Man, you get a lot of compliments. OK, mostly by men, but from time to time a 60 year old supermarket cashier or a waitress in a restaurant gives me a compliment as well. This is so cool, feels great and it’s really incredible what kind of power a strong beard can have. Just now as I am writing this post I am heading to an appointment by train and recognize the look of some juveniles standing beside me checking my beard. That’s really funny!

But what about my friends? Unfortunately I am the only one having a beard that big. This in fact is a bit sad, as I have nobody to talk to about this whole beard thing and to share some thoughts, but on the other hand, it makes me special and I really like and enjoy that fact.


Ok guys, let´s sum up. Having a beard is manly, gives you attention, satisfies your stroking needs if you don´t have pet and let´s you spent a lot of money in care products. So all in all a fucking great lifestyle I think!

With that said I really hope you enjoyed reading my first post and I promise there are more to come. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and tell me your side of things.

Stay humble guys!


Photo credits: Kike Photography


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