Markus Rall Interview

Beardandsmile is not only about me of course. I want to represent the bearded world as well, whilst showcasing some cool bearded gentlemen on my blog. As being bearded is about having a great community full of respect, I will share some of my bearded friends with you. All of them have different beard shapes that make them unique. They have different personalities that are represented by their beards and, not to forget, they share the same passion for their facial hair.

So let me introduce to you one of the first guys I have ever been in contact with. We talked about beard care products, the community and how to share all the thoughts in our heads with you guys! So, say Hi to Markus (okay Markus, just imagine a stadium full of bearded men screaming your name like you´re Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl! xD)

Markus was born in Stuttgart and still lives there. From the Age of 6 until 16 he spent time in Holzminden. You don’t know where this is? No worries, I had to look it up myself! 😉 Markus is 32 years old and Works in a midsize family business. He is responsible for quality management and the IT department. Currently he is doing an advanced training to become a Lean Manager. In his free time Markus loves to hang out at concerts and enjoys travelling as much as I do. You see, a man to fall in love with right away! J

Alright, enough of all this official Info, let’s move on with some exciting questions.

Photo Credits: Catha Fotografiert

BAS: Why do you have a beard and how long do you plan to grow it?

MR: I have a beard because i like having a beard. Simple as that! It brings a lot of joy! When it comes to length, I think i have reached a level I feel very comfortable with. I am not planning to go a step further. My barber makes sure it’s trimmed every six weeks. I am losing 2-3 cm (that´s about 0,80 to 1,20 inches), but he puts the beard in a great shape.

BAS: What has been the worst thing that ever happened to your beard? Did it get stuck in a zipper or did you burn it trying to light up a cigarette?

MR: I am fortunate enough to say that I have been pretty lucky so far. I am trying to be aware of any dangerous situation that could harm my beard. In the years i am wearing a beard now, nothing bad happened and I am more than happy about it!

BAS: What exactly has been the coolest thing that happened to you because of your beard?

MR: Well, it´s great that I met so many people. Sometimes superficially, but it´s these moments that make me happy when people recognize me because of my beard or recognize me at all. A beard is a damn good eye-catcher.

BAS: Are women more attracted to you?

MR: I don’t think that a bad ass beard leads to more success with women, especially as not all women like men with beards. Probably they are more attracted to humor and kindness…naw, bullshit! Women, if they like beards at all, think that full grown beards are manly, and that’s what makes men more attractive, period!

Photo Credits: Carina Zarfelder Photography

BAS: Who is your favorite barber and why exactly this guy?

MR: Well, that’s a simple question to answer. it’s Max and he´s working at „Timi der Barbier“. When I first had to pay a barber a visit, it was no easy choice, but at the end of the day Max had a new customer. He is grooming my beard for about 2 years now and I feel very comfortable at the shop. It´s the atmosphere, the craft and the quality that keeps me away of thinking about another barber, putting hands on my beard. It´s probably comparable to a girls visit at a hairdresser, just a bit different! 🙂

BAS: When did the fotoshoots start and who took the first step in regards to your “Brooklyn Soap Company” cooperation?

MR: As I have an Instagram account about me and my beard, well, more about my beard and me as I sometimes feel as the accessory matter, I got some likes on my pics. This way I got in touch with these guys. As I am regularly traveling to Hamburg, it was a no-brainer to pay them a visit. The boys and girls at the headquarter are so nice and their products are fantastic. During one of my visits we even shot some videos for them. That was crazy and a lot of fun. Apart from that I really like being in front of a camera, so most of my shootings came just naturally.

BAS: What would need to happen to shave all of it off?

MR: I´ve been honestly waiting for that question. I never thought about it that much and I was asked that questions a couple of times now. I absolutely have no answer, as this is not a topic at all.

Photo Credits: Carina Zarfelder Photography

BAS: How would you react if your girl would say “Shave it Off!”?

MR: I would be very irritated I think, as we started dating with exactly that bearded look. I think I am the only one who should decide wether to shave it off or to grow it even longer. But the discussions would be very intense I can tell you. J

BAS: Do you have some beard idols?

MR: In the beginning I was very much looking up to Marc Haug. His moustache is just gigantic and the rest of his beard is groomed so good.  That´s very important for me as well, by the way. Otherwise I think that every beard has its own style and I try to keep mine as well.

BAS: Did you have to convince your Boss to wear a beard at work or was that always fine for him and your colleagues?

MR: I didn´t have to convince anybody. As my beard is pretty well groomed and taken care of, it’s all good. Still, it has been a bit annoying to hear some stupid comments by my colleagues over and over again. It took some time to explain them they can save their energy for something more important.

Photo Credits: N. Soleil Photographie

Alright Markus, a big THANK YOU for taking the time to answer all of my questions. It has been a pleasure as usual!

If you are interested in finding out some more interesting things about Markus, just follow him on Facebook and Instagram. It´ll be worth it!

Facebook: @markusrall
Instagram: @markusrall

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