Wildwuchs Bartpflege- Natural Ingredients and Creativity!

I am so excited to present to you my first product test. We all know that there are tons of beard care companies out there these days. Finding the right one takes a lot of time and makes you spent a lot of money. Well, I am here to help. For sure, I will not be able to test all products out there, but I would like to share some of my experiences with you. Beard oil, beard balm, beard hold, beard wax, combs, brushes, shampoo, soaps and some other useful products will be part of my tests. I am looking for that special usp that makes a brand stand out in the crowd. Do they use ingredients no other brand is using? Do they have a product that nobody else offers or do they have the perfect coffee mug that keeps your moustache dry as the desert of Nevada? Well, you will find out here! So sit back, relax and take advantage of my tips. Yes, they will represent my own opinion, which does not always align with yours, but maybe I can be your little bearded helper to find the perfect fitting product for you.

So before I start I would like to share my daily routine with you, because I am  asked about it a lot of times. When I get up in the morning I take a hot shower to get myself ready for the day, of course I use the shower to shampoo my beard. After that I dry it with cold air from my hair dryer. I brush through my beard to loossen the  knotted hair. Right after that I spill 10 drops of beard oil in the palm of my hands and massage it into my beard. You probably know by yourself that you´re not ready to leave the house yet. So I take some beard balm/wax to get some hold into the beard (only a bit on your fingertip – depending on the length of you beard). Then, I brush it again to get my beard in shape and use a comb for the finish. Et voila, ready for the Oscars! I am not telling any of you, that this is the one and only way of spoiling your beard, hell no! But I got used to this procedure. Probably a lot of you guys out there have their own routines as well. A month ago I didn´t even use a comb for finishing, so it´s always about trying new things. Some will work, some you will hate.

Alright then, let´s get in shape!

Todays test will be about Wildwuchs Bartpflege – a German based beard brand that has some nice stuff in their product list. All products are made with love for the detail. They focus on natural ingredients and craft their products themselves. Sarah and Valentin have been very nice to me and sent over their beard oil, beard wax, a comb and a sweet little washbag. Before we get started with the products, I want to share the main factors that are separating a good beard oil/balm from a bad one.

Care Level

Wildwuchs Batpflege beard oil is called “Bart spencer” (for these that don’t know – the name is related to the famous Belgium actor Bud Spencer. That Hommage definitely deserves an extra point!). The Havanna Beard Wax absolutely reminds me of my vacation in Cuba last year – that got me as well!


You have to know one thing about me, I really looooove unpacking boxes. I always take a lot of time for it and enjoy it like a 5 year old boy opening his X-Mas presents, awaiting the newest PlayStation or Xbox. The package is really nice and I am a big fan of these round wrappings. It gives a handy touch to it and when you travel a lot it protects the bottle. Thumbs up for the package. The oil is filled into one of these well known 30ml bottles and includes a dropping glass. You simply open it and dispense the needed amount to your hands. The Havanna Beard Wax comes in a sweet little aluminum can. It won´t use a lot of space wherever you go, so you can always keep it with you.


Very important for everyone are the used ingredients. For both products Sarah and Valentin only use natural products.

Bart Spencer Beard Oil

Almond Oil (provides moisture), Argan Oil (against dandruff formation and inflammation), Jojoba Oil (for brilliancy and against itching), Vitamine E (nurtures the skin), Essential Oils (Mountain Pine, Eucalyptus, Spruce Needle, Cedar Oil

Havanna Beard Wax

Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Parfum, Tocopheryl Acetate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Sorbate, Geraniol, Evernia Prunastri, Coumarin, Citronellol


When I first opened the oil bottle, I thought of medicine due to the smell. But after some seconds, I am  sure that this is eucalyptus. For me personally this is the main aroma driver. I really like it, as well as some other guys I showed it to. The smell of the Havanna Beard Wax is really hard to define. It smells fresh, light, but still manly. I think it´s always very important to have a decent aroma, rather than feeling disturbed by it the whole day, having it applied right beneath your nose.


I would say that this beard oil is pretty soft. This helps spreading it very easily into your hands and your beard, as it doesn´t stick to your hands that much. The wax is actually very soft as well. You can apply it to your fingertips pretty easy. It feels creamy, not as stiff as other balms or waxes. This is pretty handy when it comes to spreading it into your hands. It acts pretty similar to the oil. It´s really easy to apply it to your beard due to the creamy texture.



Well, this is definitely up to every bearded gentleman. Do you use it once a day or more often? How many drops do you dispense per use or how many times you fuck up and spill everything into your sink, because you didn´t pay attention? But when it comes to pricing, I absolutely think that you get a 30ml beard oil at a good rate (19,90 €). Thumbs up! Same goes for the wax. Nonetheless, the good texture and the easy use will make you need less than using a pretty stiff wax, you can´t really dispense all over your beard.

Care Level:

Well, every skin reacts differently to certain ingredients, so of course not every beard oil will be the right choice for everybody. In my case I have to say that I am very pleased with Bart Spencer. Maybe some of you guys also spend a weekend at home, watching Netflix and ordering a pizza without really taking care of your beard. Hmm, what mostly happens then in my case is, that my beard starts to itch in certain areas. But after a really lazy weekend, when I get all that Wildwuchs Bartpflege back into my beard, I can feel the calming effect. As I always use a combination of oil and wax/balm, I can definitely say that this works pretty well. I don´t have any skin irritations, no itching or other issues, as long as I use some beard care.

So that´s my experience with the oil and the wax. In addition I received a comb and a washbag. Both are really great. The comb is big, it´s light and the prongs are widely spread, which is good for long and curly beards. Due to that structure less hair gets stuck in the comb. Nicely done!


And the washbag? It´s awesome. It might not be that big, but hey, what do you need to put in there? An oil, a balm/wax, a comb and a brush if you like. I even have some moisturizer, hairspray and some deodorant in it. Everything a gentleman needs, right? It looks good, has a little “Wildwuchs” leather badge on it and fits in your bag. Make sure you also check all of their other products.

So what´s the conclucion? We all know that a beard is drying out, so always have some beard care around you. If you choose to use Wildwuchs Bartpflege you probably won´t do anything wrong. It´s affordable, it´s made of handcrafted natural products and the coffee mug is just awesome (I really have to get one of these!)! If you have any questions, just let the company know write them an email, follow them on Instagram and support what they are doing.

For me personally I would say it´s always important to give new things a chance, this way you will find the perfect product for yourself. And maybe Wildwuchs Bartpflege is the perfect one for you!

With that said, have a lovely Sunday, keep good care of your beard and feel free to give me some feedback!


Wildwuchs Bartpflege

Website: www.wildwuchs-bartpflege.de
Instagram: @wildwuchsbartpflege
Facebook: @wildwuchsbartpflege

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