Happy Sunday guys! I hope all of you enjoyed the past week. Have you taken any pictures of your adventures? Did you have a selfie break during a really boring meeting? Well, I can understand that. Taking pictures has become such an important thing, a daily routine for a lot of us. Nowadays it is so easy to capture every single moment of your life. May it be your lunch plate, your cute kitty cat or a group pic made at a party. We carry these memories and funny stories with us every day due to our smartphones. I personally love that I can take a shot of every great moment, beautiful sunset or whatever impresses me. As a lot of you might know I like my beard pretty much, so that’s what I focus on the most! xD

This mass of digital foto content is just the right thing for all of our Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s not enough anymore to create a great photo album that you can look at every once in a while. No, we have that fotoalbum with us every day and everybody can have a look at it. It got so easy to share your life with your friends wherever they are and I love that.

But why are people using their social media channels, especially Instagram, that much? Today I do it because the bearded community acts very respectful to each other and appreciates the same beardlove. But honestly I had to figure out how this all worked in the beginning. I installed IG on my smartphone some years ago, but only uploaded some pics every once in a while. It was just about fun, showing people what I am doing in a certain moment. Hashtags? What is that? How does it work? I just added 2 or 3 of them, because I saw friends using hashtags as well. But then, 2016 and a wonderful Barcelona vacation came up. Every evening my girl and I spent some time on our terrace uploading some cool pics of all the great moments we shared during the day. It actually became a little battle between me and her, and we were wondering who would get more likes. Also, I was curious about if I would finally reach 30 likes on a pic. It was just a fun thing. And by the way, Sagrada Familia really drives engagement!

Some months later we went to Cuba. A great vacation, including a lot of tanning time, swimming with dolphins and visiting the hot spots of Havanna. Thank God we found a German guy with Cuban roots, who showed us around in one of these great oldtimer cabs. But unfortunately, wifi in cuba is not that usual as in Europe or Asia. You have to buy some 1 hour coupons. We used these to have a quick whats app chat with our families, checking the latest Facebook feeds and of course, uploading some nice pics on Instagram.

You don´t know where this is going? Well, here we go. After returning from Cuba and adding a short department head trip to a great wellness hotel in Brandenburg, I came back home. I was hapyy to have some pics shot by Sören, my closest colleague and a really great friend, to upload on my IG. I was amazed about the style of these pics. Suddenly the Instagram account of beardandcompany uploaded a picture of me and I was like “ähm, why did they do this? Are they allowed too?” In fact I was happy anyway because another account thought posting a picture of me is cool. For me it was! Some days later, OAK Beard Care did the same – me in front of a Che Guevara painting. I loved that pic anyway and it was so cool that these guys shared it on their account.

So this kept going and going. Sometimes 2 pics a week on different accounts, sometimes nothing happened within months. This got me searching for other beard brand accounts. I followed them and linked their page to my images. Some posted a pic, some did not. Then, on my birthday party, I had a chat with C, who is the girlfriend of one of my longtime friends Oli. She told me something about her Instagram routine and what I had to focus on when I would like to get some more likes and followers – post frequently, add the correct hashtags fitting your theme (beard/travel) and link other accounts. These tips have been very helpfull and suddenly, engagement and followers started growing step by step. So I just kept going from that point on. But there has been a thing that I needed to feel more comfortable while posting pics of myself on instagram! What exactly? Well, very simple – amazing content. Uploading selfies only is boring and I did not have a professional photographer with me all the time. Lucky me – I have a lovely girlfriend that has a natural feeling when it comes to photography. So she took over and did a great job, but not having the right equipment would still lead to this low quality smartphone look. Not giving up I started asking some friends of mine that have a great passion for photography, and even do this for living, if we could do some shootings. All of them agreed and we spent a great time together. When I am on holidays or walking around the beautiful city of Berlin, emily.peppers takes over again and makes sure to take some great shots of me and my beard.

Ok, that’s the story so far and I am very happy that all of these guys I have been able to work with supported me that much. A lot of love and respect to all of them. We laugh a lot, we clown around, but they always make sure that I look good.  Thanks to emily.peppers,  sören bartosch photography, augustaleighphoto and kike photography. All of you really helped me in the last months to get everything rolling. I appreciate your work a lot and I am happy to call you my friends.

With that said, let me welcome you to my gallery. Here you will find all the great visual artists I worked with, and I am proud to share this great content with you.

#neverleavethehousewithoutabeard  – and without someone who takes great pictures of you!

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