YMB – You, Me & Berlin

Well guys, time to introduce you to some cool stuff! As some of you might know I am working in a big 701 room Hotel. I know, compared to some Saudi Arabic and American Hotel Resorts this size means nothing! Comparable to a little grey hair in your beard, which you can easily whip out! But since the beginning of last year I have been very fortunate to be part of a group of employees, who got together to create something new and creative. Creative in terms of providing a unique guest journey with a special story behind it. We have been to Oslo and to Brussels, we had an inspirational Tour in Berlin and New York. We have done all of this for one reason – to see our hospitality industry with new eyes and to step our game up. This has been the mission, and two weeks ago, we achieved our first milestone on this intense path we are walking on.


I really like my workplace a lot. When you work for a hotel for such a long time as I have done you can call your colleagues and friends your second family.  I have been so happy and really proud to have a special part in bringing this hotel back up to the top of Berlins hotel landscape. But before we were even able to sit together and gather all the ideas for it, there had to be a cornerstone to build up on. This cornerstone was called “Renovation of Rooms”. So in the beginning of this year we started to renovate 500 rooms. We are almost done with our standard category having 200 nice styled rooms available for all our guests. The plan now is to fill them with life and personality. And to do so we have a great plan!


Thursday the 22nd June had been a special day in that regards. We invited some of the coolest guys this city has ever seen. We partnered up with Teufel Audio and some other great institutions of this wonderful city to kick off our “You, Me and Berlin” Campaign. Of course we had to start the evening with a short presentation of this campaign performed by our great GM Jan-Patrick Krüger. But then, the party began. Lunatix, a dance crew from Berlin raised the roof with a great performance of Hip Hop and Ballet dancing. Triggerfinger, an awesome Belgium Rock/Blues band killed it and everyone really enjoyed themselves. This built the perfect environment for networking and getting people into the campaign on a personal level. A wonderful Location, some good food and so many unique individuals just made this event something to remember!



But, what exactly is YMB – You, Me & Berlin? It´s a community project that brings all kinds of people together that love this amazing city. Following our slogan “You don´t have to be from Berlin to be a Berliner”. And that´s what it´s all about. Share your story and your favorite hot spots with us. You know a really special flea market aside from the one at Mauerpark? You enjoy your Sundays at the Tempelhofer Field skating, jogging and relaxing, or you love shopping at a special boutique at Hackescher Markt that no one else knows about? Well, here is your chance to share these tips with us. All of your tips, photos of you and your favorite spots, as well as an individual letter will be represented in one of our newly renovated rooms. What do you think about that?


I personally love to whole idea! I already subscribed and the story that has been created is pretty cool. But I have to be honest. Party people will be bored AF as I don´t even know where all tourists should go to party all night long. I am the one relaxing at Viktoria Park or at the Tempelhofer Field. But this is the great thing about this whole campaign. Every room will be individual. Every host has its own story to tell and unique places to share. So once you start your Hotel Berlin, Berlin – You, Me & Berlin – journey, you will definitely come back to find out about some other hosts and great stories!


With that being said, check out our website www.youmeandberlin.com and subscribe today!!! I will be happy to welcome you personally at our hotel, as you will be invited for a weekend trip, if your story is chosen!

Stay handsome and #neverleavethehousewithoutabeard

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