dave.vendetta Interview

It´s time to welcome you all to the next hairy interview. I am so happy that Dave took some time and answered all of my questions. It feels so good to have bearded guys from all over the place joining my sweet little beard blog and I am really thankful for that.

So, who is  dave.vendetta? Let´s get to know him! Dave is 31 years old and lives in Hanau, which is close to Frankfurt am Main. He is very much into fashion and music and loves basketball the same way I do! We both betted on Cleveland to come back in the finals, but unfortunately we have to wait for next season to celebrate another championship for Lebron and Kyrie. He´s a sportive guy, which probably means he would kill me on the court, as I would swallow my loungs out after five minutes of dribbling a basketball. I definitely smoke too much! Dave wears his beard half his life. I wish I would have been able to grow a beard at age 15 ½ as well. Lucky him! So that’s the framework, let´s get it filled with some interesting info!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset

BaS: Let´s have a little warmup Dave. In times where Netflix is on top of things, which is your favorite series and why do you like it that much?

D: That´s actually not an easy question to answer, as you can choose from so many good series, but I would go with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I like them that much, because the characters go through these processes throughout the whole series which keeps me hanging in front of my tv. You can see how people change due to the external influences. Sometimes to the good, but especially to the bad. That is so exciting and never bores me.

BaS: Well, I absolutely agree on that. The Walking Dead is my favorite series as well and I can´t wait for the next season to come out! Dave, I got to know you through Instagram and I liked all of your pics right from the start, cause they have a really great style. Who is shooting the pics?

D: Most of them are shot by my lovely wife @melis_eruygunnicklas and I simply do the color changes. I am really grateful for that and I have to thank her for being that good. She´s doing a really great job!

BAS: Absolutely, it´s not always easy to get a good shot on your own. I see a lot of similarities by the way! My girlfriend is my personal camera girl as well and she´s awesome! I also noticed that you´re an ambassador for Noberu of Sweden. How did this cooperation start?

D: That was a lucky coincidence. Phillip from Noberu Germany once texted me on Instagram and asked if I would like to test some of their products via Amazon. They wanted to start spreading the word in Germany. So I have been very curious about it, did some tests and wrote 2 reviews. I liked their products from the start, may it be the high quality finish, the discreet scents or the great caring effect. So I started linking them in my IG pics as my favorite beard care products. After some months I noticed they were looking for ambassadors in Germany. Thereupon I wrote Johan, one of the founders, and he replied that he already had an eye on me. The rest is history!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset

BaS: That sounds nice. Thanks to you they were so kind to send over some stuff to me as well. I am testing them currently. It´s a cool shaving kit and I will post a review soon. That´s the perfect timing for my next question. How does your daily routine look like?

D: Well, that´s pretty simple. I wash my beard in the morning with some beard shampoo. Right after that I softly dry it with a towel and spread some oil into my wet beard. Then I comb through it with a wooden comb and start to straighten it with a hairdryer and a brush – I have a lot of waves in my beard. Now and then I clean my contours with a razor. That´s it!

BaS: Sounds great and it´s interesting to hear how others are taking care of their beard. I would never put a brush and a hairdryer on my beard as I am too scared to lose some hair! Your beard is only a part of your great style. Your fashion sense is fantastic and I really like the styles you are presenting especially on IG. How important is fashion for you and do you think there is a “right” fashion style for bearded men?

D: First of all, thanks for the nice compliment. I like fashion a lot and spend the most of my money for it! J To me it´s important to redefine myself all the time respectively to develop my style. But I am not going for every trend. I like it casual – wearing jeans, a shirt and sneakers, but I also like to suit up in style. I generally don´t think there is a “right” fashion style for bearded men, it´s more like every style gets even better wearing a beard. I like to compare a beard to bacon. It makes everything better!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset

BaS: I absolutely relate to that. You´re a great inspiration when it comes to men fashion styles. Do you actually have a beard idol that you look up to?

D: There are so many beards out there (like yours;)), so it´s really hard to decide. But I would go for Carlos Costa (@roque_80). He has such a cool, thick beard. He wears it pretty short currently. Very well groomed and natural. I also like his style a lot. Always on point and a great inspiration.

BaS: Yep, absolutely agree. Cool guy with a great beard and style. Which barber do you trust the most and pay a regular visit to?

D: To find the right barber hasn´t been easy. In the beginning I trimmed it myself, but growing it longer and longer it got way more difficult to keep it in a good shape without cutting any edges into it. So I thought I would go to a Turkish men´s salon. Unfortunately they never listened carefully and cut off way more than I wanted. Until today there is no barber in my city but I found Alex Torretos Barber Shop in Frankfurt. I have been excited right from the start, as these people knew how to take care of a beard and they made all of my hairy wishes come true. Since then I call Niko (@niktzegreek) my barber. We tried a lot of styles so far and he exactly knows what I like. Kind regards by the way!:) I can only recommend looking for a good barber who knows how to groom your beard. Cause if you have a beard, you should take care of it.

BaS: Absolutely, that should be the goal. Having the right barber you feel comfortable with is the most important thing. I definitely feel the same with mine. How do you spend your free time in Hanau?

D: There is actually a lot to do in Hanau. I think my main free time activities are drinking coffee or hanging out at a beergarden. But as the Main is right next door, we like to take a boat tour on a regular basis. Pretty relaxing stuff actually.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset

BaS: As we were already talking about other bearded guys out there, I am pretty sure that the bearded world out here already heard about the bearded villains. As you are a member, what exactly is this community all about?

D: First of all BV is a worldwide beard club. The initial idea was, to become friends with strangers and to build a community, only through this one characteristic – a beard. The image of a bearded man in society shall be changed. BV stands for brotherhood, family and charity for instance. We support charity campaigns worldwide and try to help wherever and whenever we can. It´s a very complex topic, so if anyone is interested to learn more about it, please go to www.beardedvillains.com for further info.

BaS: That´s a really good way of changing the world. Not only in regards of the bearded men image, especially for people who need support and help. Thumbs up for that! So, now we come to the final question. What do you think about beard contests and would you ever participate?

D: I like beard contests and I would definitely participate in one of them!

BaS: Well, we should subscribe together. Just let me know as soon as you find a German Championship in the near future!

Alright bearded family. You see, Dave is a cool guy. Stylish, bearded and taking care of other people. If you would like to see some more him, simply visit his IG account. You won´t be disappointed, I promise!


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