Lumbersoul – Make Me Sexy!

Loooong time no post – well, as I have been on holidays and did not focus on anything else than just relaxing in a hammock, I think it´s time for some beard oil and balm testing. Today´s focus will be on Lumbersoul Beard Care. A sweet little company that focuses on beard oil, beard balm, beard soap (all of them have  three different kind of scents – Sex Appeal, Seascape and Pleasure Garden) and a razor with a replaceable blade. The guys have been very kind to me and sent over some balm and a beard oil – both Sex Appeal scent. I took some time to test it and here´s my review.

Sex Appea


The first thing you recognize when you check out the Lumbersoul stuff, is that the beard oil bottle is not the regular one most beard care companies use. This fact separates them a bit from the mass and simply provides a higher variety when you have a look at your own beard products cupboard. What I personally like a lot is the mat surface of the bottle. I like all that is mat, as it gives things a special and high quality look I think. So, thumbs up for that. The big plus when we talk about the bottle is the safety cap. As the bottle has no separate packaging (e.g. for travelling), it´s good to know that the bottle does not open itself, cause the cap is fixed. Really good!

If you are using beard oil for the first time ever, on the back of the bottle you´ll find some instructions. A good hint to get used to the wonderful experience of using beard oil, but in the end everyone should experience themselves how much they need and what is the right way to rub it into ones beard. The Sex Appeal beard wax comes in a 30ml/1fl oz aluminium can. A packaging probably all of you know already. Easy to take away and always tightly closed.


Very important for everyone are the used ingredients. Both products use the same base. The wax only adds some beewax and Sheabutter.

Sex Appeal Beard Oil

Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Lous Forêt Oil essential, Bergamot Oil essential, Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Sex Appeal Beard Balm

Beewax, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lotus Forêt Oil essential, Bergamot Oil essential, Vitamin E (Tocopherol)


Beard Oil & Balm: Both have a herbal smell, which is ok, but not my favorite so far. As Lumbersoul offers two other scents in their product range (Pleasure Garden & Seascape), it would be interesting to know if I would like the other ones. Also, It does not last pretty long. After a couple of minutes you don´t even smell it anymore.

All of them


The beard oil is pretty soft and liquid. I personally like it a bit more viscous, as I always tend to use more of the molten one than I actually should due to the texture.

The beard wax is pretty stiff, which I like a lot. Psychologically it gives me a feeling of “wow, it shapes my beard and it will stay like that the whole day”! Of course, I do not know one beard balm so far that does that, but these are the small things my brain reacts to. Stiff wax needs some more seconds to spread all over your hands, but in the end it gives a good hold to your beard, when it´s all massaged into it.


As mentioned before, the oil comes in a 30ml / 1fl oz bottle. So many of you probably have the same experiences in how long a bottle of this size lasts for your own needs. I think it´s the perfect size and will last about 5-7 weeks for me. As the oil is pretty soft, I use some drops more to really get my whole beard in shape. Depending on the length of your beard, you´ll be able to use it longer or you will need to buy new bottle after 4 weeks! The good thing in that case – you´re able get your hands on the other scents faster! 🙂

When it comes to the wax I honestly use a bit more than usual. As it is pretty stiff, it´s a bit harder to get your whole beard covered with just a fingertip. So, use double as much as usual, spread all of it into your hands, and then cover your wild beard. When you brush it afterwards, you will recognize a pretty good hold. That’s the big plus for the beard balm!

Lumbersoul soap

Care Level:

On the oil bottle you can read “smoothens & softens our beard. Stops beard itching!”. Well, I can absolutely agree on that. Or maybe I am just a good test person. I once saw a pic on facebook where a guy had massive skin irritation and picks. I don´t know if Lumbersoul (or any other beard oil) would help with that issue, but I did not experience any irritations or itching while using the products.

So, all in all I can say that the Lumbersoul Beard Oil & Balm – Sex Appeal – is worth checking out. I would love to try their other scents, as they might have a stronger effect on me, but for 14,95 € (oil) and 11,95 € (balm) you can´t do anything wrong. If you don´t like it, you bank account will forgive you. Try to get the whole package including the beard soap, to really experience the whole range of Lumbersoul.


Let me know your thoughts or if you already have your own point of view, share it with me. I am looking forward to your feedback.

With that being said, have a lovely Sunday and always take good care of your beard!


Lumbersoul Beard Care

Instagram: @lumbersoul
Facebook: @lumbersoul

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