Always on time with James McCabe!

I am a big accessory fan. I love hats, wristbands, suspenders AND…watches of course! But honestly speaking, I am a little penny-pincher when it comes to buying a watch, so I’d rather stick to my 15 year old Fossil. Which is Still fitting, still working and even a timeless cool style (at least I think so xD).

Some weeks ago James MacCabe Watches send me a message and asked for a cooperation. I´ve been pretty excited because…well, see above! J I had a look at their portfolio and fell in love with some of their models. Lucky me they have been very kind to me and sent over 2 of my favorite watches. A beautiful clean one with a nice black wristband and a light silver clock face and one with a beige wristband and a black dial with some rosé accents. Both have been the perfect choice for a lot my clothing styles.

Besides these beautiful models, watch brands seem to have a high focus on packaging. Both watches arrived in beautiful black wooden boxes and are presented in a really nice way. It took me 10 minutes to take them out of the box as it looked so nice.

The first one I put on was the black one. The case has the perfect size. I have pretty skinny wrists and still the London Slim Watch (JM-1016-01) fits great and doesn’t appear to be too big. The leather band is a bit thin for my taste, but the reptile structure looks pretty cool. So all in all a cool and stylish watch, I will wear a lot, as it suits all of my black stuff.

The Heritage Chrono (JM-1030-01) is a bit more fancy, as it is a chronograph. Colorwise it provides more variety compare to a “simple” black one. A thick tan wristband with a really cool design on the inside holds the case, which is 14mm thick and made of massive stainless steel. It´s smaller in terms of width compared to the London Slim Watch. This makes it wearable for men and women. I didn´t wonder when my girl took it away from me and wore it on our Djerba vacation. And yes, it looked awesome. The black dial with its rosé accents is a great combination.

So far no day has passed without wearing one of my new James McCabe Watches. I love checking the time, I like showing them around and pics definitely look way better with one of them around my wrist.

So check them out under, get inspired by all of their styles and choose your favorite model.

Instagram: @mccabewatches
Twitter: @McCabeWatches


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