Let’s welcome a new member of the blogosphere: ME! 😄

Hey guys, I am Chris and I want to share my exciting bearded world with you. Beardandsmile wishes to inspire and motivate bearded men, bearded men to become and all beard lovers from around the world. A bearded lifestyle is not only about growing some hair on your face. It’s about the efforts you put in it, the way you take care of it, the great community behind it, and of course all the good and bad things that happen to you because you have a beard. And that is exactly what this blog is all about. You are more than welcome to be part of my world and let my thoughts inspire you in any kind of way.

So what am I all about? Besides checking my ginger beard a couple of times per hour in a mirror, I am definitely more than just some facial hair and a bit pavonine. I love cooking, traveling with my girl and of course tattoos in any kind of style. I am a big Marvel enthusiast and love being carried away by the stories of their universe. So, all in all I´m a simple guy from Berlin, Germany that wants to give some inspiration and who’s trying to share his thoughts about a bearded lifestyle. Join me and we will have a hairy, oops sorry, I mean great time together.

And always remember – #neverleavethehousewithoutabeard and stay humble!✌